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When interior design improves performance!

Informations Entreprise #164 - April May June 2017

In economic, societal and strategic transformation, our society imposes new ways of interacting, working and consuming. Structural inconsistencies and generational tensions within the company require a redevelopment of spaces. This is what K Design Agency proposes. Kenza Cardot, work spaces designer, changes way of working in companies.

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K Design is a design agency of work environments adapted to the needs of the employees and to the service of the performance of the companies. Her international experience and passion for design and interior design have put Kenza Cardot on the entrepreneurial trail in 2012. K Design Agency now offers its design and development services for more free and more efficient companies. Interview.

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How to design your interior with a small budget ?

K Design Agency selected by Homify.

Convenient and easy to deploy, this bed for a comfortable night’s sleep is the main decoration of the bedroom.

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How to make a more modern kitchen ?

K Design Agency selected by Homify.

This modern kitchen that K Design Agency present us, integrates every comfort, including: an oven, a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a washing machine, and storage cabinets. Perfectly thought and designed.

kenza cardot

The entrepreneur who priorities interior design.

Kenza Cardot is not an insensitive woman. Her various experiences serve as a springboard and push her to embark on a path essential to the well-being of all: interior architecture.